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How is Fair Loans different from a payday lender?

Fair Loans is a social enterprise that receives support from the Federal Government to provide an alternative to payday lenders and loan sharks. We keep our interest rates as low as possible so that more Australian's can access alternative forms of credit. We also operate in a fair and ethical way when it comes to treating customers with payment issues.

In addition, Fair Loans is committed to improving the financial literacy of all borrowers through our Money Mentor program. 

Our key goals are:

  • Provide easy to access financial education tools to enable people in the community to better understand their credit options and how to manage their financial circumstances
  • People who are declined or require specialist service will be referred to the Commonwealth Financial Counselling Service and NILS programs
  • Assist them to have a better awareness of their financial position through budgeting
  • Provide people with confidence that comes from understanding and managing their financial situation and dealing with credit issues